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Random Observation
I'm genuinely surprised by how many biblical references pop up in my own poetry. Obviously childhood religious education left a pretty deep impression.

"The Blob," by The Five Blobs
Alas, just a sample.  I can't find an online recording of the whole song.  :-(

Checking Out

The photography of Jaromír Funke

Hanging in there! Today is radiation zap #8, and I'm tentatively scheduled to begin chemo next Monday.

Grateful that Mercury finally turned direct again this past Saturday. Enough with the miscommunication & confusion!  :-D

Shifting my focus outdoors. Flowers are planted (but I had to sacrifice all veggies except red bell peppers and the blue-podded shelling peas). I have a new rocker on the front porch and a new swing on the back porch. I'm starting to enjoy watching the neighborhood.

Still wrestling with that unwieldy chunk of poetry. I may end up with two self-published books: one for what I consider my truly "good" (i.e. conventional) work, and one for the more irreverent pseudo-poems. I'm making slow but sure progress....

I'm beginning to suspect that the best advice I ever received was Remember to breathe. Let's all take a deep breath right now and get centered. ;-)
Hey there-glad to hear you are hanging in. How long will you have to have chemo?
I don't think there's a fixed time schedule yet, just weekly monitoring to make sure I'm not anemic and monthly CAT scans to see how much the tumors are shrinking.

It's a different kind of chemo: a relatively new pill (approved in 2007) called Sorafenib that I'll take twice daily. The doctor says it packs a punch, but nothing like the IV treatments. I shouldn't have any hair loss, and the nausea should be "manageable." Anemia seems to be the most serious side-effect.
"Packs a punch". Ouch! Hopefully not too big a one.

You find the most interesting websites!
I miss you, Greg. xoxo