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Whoa -- what happened to Nervousness? I hadn't visited the site in ages, but I thought I would have heard a bigger bang when it finally ended.

I have many good memories of Nervousness, recently refreshed when I came across a box of zines I produced between 2002 and 2004. It's too bad no other site has been able to coordinate the kind of collaborative projects that the "old" (pre-crash) Nervous Industries made possible.

I'm trying to figure out a way to coherently archive all of this mail art from my Nervous days (and beyond) -- ATCs, postcards, zines, mini-books, Tarot decks, artist stamps, a few larger pieces... It really needs a room to itself. Or a large Hefty bag. :-D

Just out of curiosity, has anyone else found a relatively high-functioning mail art group online? I'm particularly interested in any groups that don't focus exclusively on ATCs.  But nothing too girly with the fringe & the glitter & the heart-shaped beads.  <_<

And does anyone have the scoop on what happened at Nervousness?  Has it reincarnated elsewhere on the web?

funny you should ask...


danial just opened it for soft launch.

Cool -- I signed up for Art42. Kinda funny to see that we're all from Washington & Ohio, though. :-D

I'm gonna start playing around with some ideas...
I don't know what happened to Nness. It says the domain name expired. A while ago the 3 remaining BOD's announced that they were retiring and needed people to replace them. Maybe they got no takers and just let it go.
Maybe I'll e-mail Kelly and ask her.
I had thought there was still a pretty active community swapping art on the forums. It just seemed odd to have heard no "buzz" about an imminent collapse. :-/
I really enjoyed Nervousness, too (I mean--look at the great people I met!), but don't know what happened to it. I went through my stuff a while ago and kept only my favorites. I think I gave you some of the ATCs I collected, didn't I?


I miss making zines.
Yah, I got a package of ATCs from your collection. :-D

I miss the zines, but I don't miss the copying, collating, etc. I'm thinking about doing some kind of loose-leaf thing in a decorated paper sandwich paper bag. A "chaos zine" with no fixed order, just self-contained pages.
interestingly enough, i was missing the joy of mailart myself the other day so signed up on IUOMA in hopes of some quality experiences. i mostly quit nervousness because i don't have room for much and the loads of (ahem) crap was overwhelming at the end unlike the beginning. i really do want to do some mailings but it may just be that for now....no projects, just swaps or one ways.

p.s. thanks for posting your addy and GET BETTER FAST!!!!!!!!
Hmm... as it turns out, Nervousness didn't die (they just made a late payment on the server bill), but I know exactly what you mean about those final days before the Great Exodus.

I've looked at the IUOMA site before, but it was years ago. I should check them out again and see what they're up to. It's actually pretty phenomenal just in that they've managed to keep going for so long with such a loose & primitive structure.